October/November 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011


 1k news:

1k Sessions
Bernard Wostheinrich & Tim Motzer 1k Sessions episode 13
is on replay at http://1ksessions.com until November 21.


The next 1k Sessions will feature DJ/Poet Rich Medina & Tim Motzer
in duo performance/improv of poetry, turntable, electronics, and processed guitars.
Monday November 21, 2011 6:30


Episode 11 Video DL
The burning power trio performance of Tim Motzer, Julie Slick, and Eric Slick is now available
as a download. That's a video download—all 6Gb! This highly requested 2 hour performance originally
aired on 1k Sessions episode 11 August 22, 2011. Go buy this, download, and enjoy in all
it's glory!  we plan to do some live shows soon as well, so watch out!

preview & download it here:



Upcoming 1k releases:
Nucultures-Tai Chi & Ruby Red (1k019)
Ilsar-Motzer-Tales of the Black Winged Bird (1k023)
Goldbug-Zwei (1k020) w Eric Slick, Barry Meehan, Tim Motzer, Theo Travis
Tim Motzer-Dance (1k021)  scores, and soloscapes for dance.
Tilomo-82011@34 soundscapes live (1k022)
    excerpts will be up on the 1k player soon!


1k Wintertime Bundle
Currently available is the 11CD 1k Wintertime Bundle. All the 1k CD's—specially priced!
Beautifully designed and packaged in digipak & mini-LP jackets. Get 1k Music in your life!


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Bernhard Wostheinrich visits 1k Sessions 10/10/2011

Sunday, October 02, 2011

German electronic artist Bernhard Wostheinrich from centrozoon will be soundscaping & improvising with guitarist Tim Motzer for 1k Sessions episode 13 webcast Monday October 10, 2011 at 6:30pm EST.

Bernhard elicit's meaning from abstraction in electronic music and painting. He is a core member of German group centrozoon with touch guitarist Markus Reuter and Tobias Reber. He has also performed/recorded with electronic musicians Ian Boddy, Erik Wello, Conrad Schnitzler, and film-maker Telmach Wiesinger. This is a world premiere duo performance of Bernhard and Tim Motzer.

Watch it live at http://1ksessions.com