my favorite guitar players.

Friday, September 30, 2011

David Gilmour

i've been asked so many times who my favorite guitarists are that i've decided to list some in no particular order. it's just that these guys have been so influential for me as a player and a listener.
if there are any you don't know, go check them out.
always something worthwhile to discover. -t

cal collins
paco de lucia
carlos parades
michael oldfield 
steve hillage
robert fripp
jimi hendrix
herb ellis
robin trower
steve tibbets
steve howe
todd rundgren
jeff beck
roy buchanon
jimmy page
andy summers
bill frisell
eric clapton
pat metheny
david torn
ritchie blackmore
adrian belew
rob fetters
rick iannacone
jef lee johnson
john mclaughlin
ralph towner
god speed you black emperor
steve hackett
albert lee
john abercrombie
nels cline
pat martino
wes montgomery
buddy guy
vernon reid
the edge
neil young
thurston moore
lee renaldo
john frusciante
tony iommi
allan holdsworth
john scofield
john lee hooker
david gilmour
fred frith
pete cosey
michael hedges
jimmy bruno
steve howe
leo kottke
curtis mayfield
bb king
frank marino
greg ginn
tom verlaine
richard lloyd
jonny greenwood
albert king
freddy king
eric johnson
john martyn
jan akkerman
duane allman
terje rypdal
joe pass
muddy waters
joni mitchell
billy gibbons
derek bailey
arto lindsay
steve tibbetts
pete townshend
marc ribot
grant green
george harrison
tal farlow
steve morse
martin barre
johnny marr
robert quinne
james 'blood' ulmer

this list is far from done...but in one swoop, these are the ones that immediately come to mind.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jimmy Page

If you're a guitarist (or any string player really), the world of alternate tunings awaits you.  I discovered long ago how guitarists and songwriters would tune to various chords or drone-like groupings of notes.  You've been listening to odd tunings for years and may not even know it.  This history is vast and many artists have made careers using odd tunings:
Joni Mitchell and Richie Havens are two that come to mind. Of course, many slide blues players tune to an open G chord or E chord. Led Zeppelins' Jimmy Page, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), John Martyn, Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges, Kaki King, and Adrian Belew - all incorporate alternate tunings to their music...the list of musicians is endless really.
Changing the tuning on your guitar is like getting a new instrument or finding a new sonic area to voicings, new ideas, new awaits you.  Below I've listed a few tunings for you to check out. also, i should mention that using a capo with this idea is interesting as well.

Explore these tunings, and be sure to invent some of your own.  try them with 6 and 12 strings and electric guitars.
use pedals too.  Rock out. Have fun!

EADGBE  standard tuning
DADGBE  drop D tuning
DADGAD modal (kashmir, black mountain side)

a few tunings by Sonic Youth

David Gilmour's Slide tunings

Jimmy Page tunings (led zeppelin)
CACGCE  (C6) (friends, bron-yr-aur-jimmy page)
CGCGCE   (open C)
DGDGBD  (open G)
EADGBD   (dancing days)
CFCFAF   (open F)
DADGAD modal (kashmir, black mountain side)
DGCGCD   the rain song
EADADE    the rain song live 
EAEAC#E  (open E)  in my time of dying

a few source recordings:
joni mitchell - hejira
led zeppelin - III, houses of the holy, physical graffiti
any sonic youth album
michael hedges - aerial boundries
pat metheny - new chautauqua 

Any questions?
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the pedal madness continues

Monday, September 26, 2011

Eventide has been very nice to allow me an artist accomodation (Thanks to Ray and Julie Slick!) and as a result i now own the Pitch Factor and Space pedals. If you haven't checked these out you are missing out on amazing sonic brilliance, madness, and cathedral drift.  I use Space alot lately in scoring for Dance choregraphy to get the massive Reverb wash made famous by ECM, David Torn, and Sigor Ros. I also used it in the recent 1k Sessions episode 12 with poet Ursula Rucker.  I am still learning the Pitch Factor, but thus far it is opening up a totally new world of sounds, ideas, and new ways to play and compose.  It's incredible. more info here on their great products.

here's a link to a great site all about guitar tone and pedal madness:

this is my current pedalboard setup: (9/27/2011)

guitar>eventide pitch factor>guyatone autowah>eb vol>digitech whammy>guyatone od>zvex fuzz factory>guyatone delay>line6 dm-4>alesis airefx>eventide space>to amp or PA.


continue to experiment. have fun.